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    The launch of YouTube Premium, a paid subscription that enhances the viewing experience with ad-free, offline, and background play, has been announced by YouTube for Pakistan. You can access your entire YouTube music library in one place with the help of YouTube Music, a music streaming app. Additionally, YouTube Premium enables you to locally save videos to your device for offline watching. You may save songs to your local storage by subscribing to YouTube songs, which is another benefit of Premium. It is notable that Farhan S. Qureshi, Google's Director for Pakistan, showed delight about delivering these services to Pakistan, where the creative sector is expanding significantly. Local artists are growing their global fan base by uploading their content on YouTube. For Pakistan's music industry, the introduction of YouTube Music and YouTube Music Premium represents a big opportunity.   Pricing & Packages   Name Package Monthly Price YouTube Premium - Membership to Youtube Music Premium. - Ad-free, offline, and background play. -