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    The threads app has taken the social media by storm with over a 100 million sign ups in just one week! Facebook’s parent company - Meta - has come up with a new app that is much similar to Twitter, but obviously, with its own competitive edge. With the growing demand for specialised apps, Mark Zuckerberg established a space that would enable users to interact and form a community without going through much hassle. In this article, Creativibes will talk about Instagram’s Threads app, and how it will benefit the business world. What is Threads? Mark Zuckerberg, the iconic face of Facebook, recently unveiled Threads, a ground-breaking application created by the Instagram team exclusively for seamless text sharing. This cutting-edge programme caters to both users who actively provide content and those who occasionally post, offering them a private space for immediate updates and stimulating public discussions. On the Threads app, posts can contain links, images, and videos