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    President Biden signed legislation to ban or force a sale of TikTok, following Congress' historic rebuke of the video-sharing platform’s Chinese ownership due to alleged national security risks. The Senate approved the measure 79 to 18, and the House passed it earlier. The law gives TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance, nine months to sell the app or face a national ban, extendable by 90 days by the president. TikTok, with over 170 million U.S. users, plans to challenge the law in court, arguing it violates free speech rights. CEO Show Zi Chew stated, “Rest assured, we aren’t going anywhere.”

    The National Education Foundation (NEF) by the Government of Pakistan and Creativibes joined hands at an incredible initiative to create lasting change for the Khawaja Sara community in Pakistan. We believe that every individual holds the power to be a catalyst for change therefore we aim that our expertise can play a crucial role in uplifting the Khawajasara community and creating opportunities for growth.  

    The phrase "metaverse" has received a great deal of attention in recent times and has captured the interest of tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and the general public. This virtual world, which perfectly captures the concept of a connected, futuristic planet, had created a hyper like no other. Here, in this article, Creativibes will be highlighting the idea of the metaverse by Meta, its rise to fame, and its most recent decline.   Understanding the Metaverse, VR & Web3.0 Let’s begin with the basics - what really is the Metaverse?  The term "metaverse" describes a collaborative virtual environment where users can interact with other users and computer-generated environments in real time. It combines physical and digital realities. The distinction between the real world and the virtual world was meant to fade by the convergence of Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and the internet. It provides countless opportunities for interpersonal communication, amusement, and trade. It is notable that

    Over time, the term "freelance" has increasingly gained prominence. In the digital age, freelancing has become a realistic employment option since it gives people the freedom to work independently and remotely. Freelancing offers a viable option in Pakistan, where the issue of youth unemployment is still a critical one. In this blog, Creativibes will be highlighting the true meaning of freelancing, its potential to help Pakistan's youth, and most importantly - the role of National Freelance Training Program (NFTP) to provide online employment opportunities for young people throughout Pakistan.   What is Freelancing? Freelancing is the act of providing services or abilities on a project-by-project basis without a long-term commitment to an employer. Through online platforms, it enables people to work independently and sell their skills to a clientele around the world. Furthermore, the range of freelance work is broad and includes a variety of industries, including graphic design, content creation, programming, digital marketing, and